How different are straight and lesbian relationships?

Relationships are similar around the world, but no two straight relationships are exactly alike, and the difference between them and lesbian ones are even more numerous. There are pros and cons of both types of relationships, which we’ll go into in this piece.

Lesbians Get More Attention

I know this is an obvious one, but even in Western countries, in some of which gay marriage is legal and people are more tolerant than in other parts of the world, lesbian couples will attract more attention by holding hands as they walk down the street or walk into a restaurant to have dinner. Only celebrities get that kind of attention, in the sense of that degree of attention. It’s not exactly the same type of attention. If you’re a celeb, people will come up to you and ask for your autograph, while the attention to gay and lesbian couples – sadly – is more like surprise and even shock at seeing a display of affection you aren’t accustomed to. Then there are people who’ll say PDAs are inappropriate regardless of the gender of the people in them, so everything’s relative.

Lesbian couples don’t have to buy things like birth control pills and condoms. Not dealing with unwanted pregnancies has benefits above and beyond cost savings, obviously. According to some lesbians, their relationships can be seen as the ultimate pro-choice, pro-life unions. They can choose to adopt instead of having children, for example.

There Can Be More Jealousy in a Lesbian Relationship

Because the dating pool is more limited for gays and lesbians than it is for straight people, a lesbian might tend to cling to her partner and place greater value on her. Not to mention women’s natural inclination toward intimacy and men’s tendency to focus on sexual experiences. Generally, women are more likely to want to have and to enjoy sex when the objective is long term. In a lesbian relationship, the chance of both women wanting to get to know each other better before having sex is greater. It is not surprising, then, that even lesbian one-night stands can turn into a relationship.