How Lesbian Porn is Hurting the Lesbian Community

Giant dildos, untrimmed fingernails, and lots of fake moaning may seem like innocuous (albeit annoying) aspects of lesbian porn. However, these porn flicks are hurting the community in ways you may not realize. Here are some ways mainstream lesbian porn damages the morale of the lesbian community.

Lesbian porn doesn’t cater to lesbians.

Save for a handful of porn production companies that actually cater to lesbians, most lesbian porn is made for straight guys who want cheap thrills. In fact, so many lesbians in porn movies aren’t even lesbians, just actresses looking to film a scene for money.

These inaccuracies can lead to many naïve, young lesbians or bi-curious gals to believe that this is what lesbian sex is all about. Likewise, straight people may see the same videos and just assume that it’s really how lesbians have sex – long acrylic nails and all. This is terribly misleading and not representative of how lesbians really have sex, which leads to…

Lesbians get overly sexualized.

For men whose only exposure to lesbians is lesbian porn, their minds can often quickly turn to sex when they see two women in a relationship. That’s because this is all they know: two hot porn stars getting it on with zero intimacy.

To some of these people who only know lesbians through porn, being a lesbian is simply about having sex with a woman. It becomes less about the love shared by two people and more about, “I bet she’s the top because she looks more butch,” and all those other cringe-worthy ideas.



Summed up in one word is a sexual act that way too many people focus on. Scissoring is when two women rub their vulvas together to stimulate each other. It’s a fairly common fixture in lesbian porn because it mimics the genital-on-genital action that’s present in most straight porn scenes.

In reality, tons of lesbians can attest to the fact that scissoring does nothing for them. It’s visually appealing, sure. However, it’s nowhere near as pleasurable as fingering or oral sex. Despite this, too many ignorant non-lesbians seem to believe that scissoring is the ultimate sex act. It’s not, and it probably never will be.

Lesbians get fetishized in anti-lesbian porn.

There’s a whole slew of anti-lesbian porn that features a lesbian subplot. This subculture of lesbian porn often portrays lesbians who are unsatisfied with all the boring sex they’re having with their girlfriend. One of the lesbians then goes on to cheat on her girlfriend with a man who can satisfy her as no one can. Sometimes it’s played for laughs, but sometimes it’s not.

When you dig deeper into more fetish porn, there are also some videos of women who are basically coerced into having sex with guys until she’s straight. It’s like some sick porno version of conversion therapy. Sure, she’s hesitant at first, but then she learns to enjoy it. She is then magically straight at the end of the film, and the loving girlfriend she had is suddenly out of the picture. This never actually happens, but porn will make you believe that it does.

These mainstream porn videos hurt the community because they completely objectify lesbians. So the next time you’re watching some girl-on-girl action, don’t believe everything you see.